Indian forces to leave the doklam area: China

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Indian forces are helping Bhutan against the Chinese army. The latest issue between India and China are troops in the doklam area, the role, and place of Bhutan have been easily overlooked. It is the Bhutanese after all that are contending with Chinese over the area and it is they who invited the Indians to help their army in this specific area. And now the other neighbor country- China wants Indian forces to leave the Doklam area. As China is accusing our nation of hitting its territorial sovereignty and infringing the Panchsheel – 5-point principles. These principles guides both the countries to maintain peace on the boundaries.

It is even advisable to Indian forces to leave the doklam area. As a leading newspaper of China has warned India that it should stop its activities at Doklam area. This is important to mention here that Indian army has been there with Bhutanese army under the India- Bhutan friendship treaty. But Chinese govt. is accusing India that if its activities are not be stopped at an earlier stage, this will lead to a war between the Asia’s biggest economies.

Chinese newspaper Global Times has mentioned that China should also help Sikkim to become an independent state. But these are merely tactics of Chinese govt. to force Indian forces to leave the doklam area. As if look at the ground reality, it’s gonna be a really tough decision for Chinese govt. to start a war against India.

There can be various reasons why Chinese govt. will avoid war against Indian economy. And why can’t China is not forcing Indian forces to leave the doklam area?

China has a large proportion of trade with India. Most of the revenue of the Chinese govt. depends on the trade volume between the two countries. It is estimated that the trade balance between both he countries stands at around USD 71 billion.

The second reason may be the bonding of India with its neighboring countries. Though, China is not having any good relationship with any of its neighbors. So China may be in a dilemma that if they have a war kind of situation with India. Then maybe most of the neighbor countries might stand in support of India.

We can say that war is not a solution to any problem. If a war between the two nations happen, it would be a loss for both the countries. But we should also suggest Indian forces to leave the doklam area.  As no country can tolerate a 3rd country’s interference in its fight with some country. Indian govt. should think that how would it feel, if China starts supporting Pakistan on the matter of Kashmir. So, leaders of the both countries should talk over this sensitive matter in order to avoid a war kind situation.
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