How women of different countries care for their hair

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Women love to look beautiful and attractive. When we talk about their hair, they become extra careful about different hair styles, shining and growth of their hair.  In order to maintain the beauty of their hair, they adopt different ways to give extra care to their natural hair.  They prefer to do regular oiling of their hair for regular conditioning. They use hair products according to the textures of their hair.


When it comes to how women from different nations care for their hair, it was found that love of women for their hair was almost same among all nations. Just they care for their hair according to their culture or according to trends and cultures of their own society.

Let’s discuss how women of different countries care for their hair:

Brazilian women have long, fluffy and wavy hair.

They spend most of their energy and income over their hair. Straightening is one of the most popular hair style in Brazil. Brazil women love to keep long hair.  And for maintaining proper care they spend most of their money on oils, conditioners and on leave in treatments. They prefer to go to salon once in a month just to provide deep conditioning to their hair roots. They are very conscious about using hair products and always prefer to use popular foreign hair Brands according to their hair texture.

India is a much diverged country

and they adopt different methods for caring of their hair according to their region. Like South Indian women use coconut oil for providing moisturizer to their hair whereas north Indian prefers mustard oil.  They are known for their thick, long and beautiful natural looking hair. They prefer to use natural methods like ayurvedic herbs to maintain the beauty of their hair. Once in a week they put oil on their hair. It works like a mask and provides deep conditioning to their hair. As well as they don’t wash their hair on daily basis. They wash them once or twice in a week thus natural scalp has time to re-grease. Natural scalp protects the hair from sun, air, dirty and dusty environment. When it comes to brushing your hair, Indian women prefer wooden combs. So that less damage will be occurred to their hair. Indian women don’t tie their hair into a tight hair style. Rather they prefer to tie them in loose braid or in a loose hair style just to stop the damage of hair.

Peruvian women’s love and care for their hair.

Peru is not a very rich country and people can’t spend much on their hair, so they use natural methods like healthy food, natural herbs etc. They mostly have light weighted and curly hair so easy to maintain. When we talk abou their care to their hair, the use different natural ways like they wash their hair regularly. Add a lot of eggs to their diet and also make a mixture of eggs and olive oil and put that mixture over their hair just to give a natural shiny look to their hair.  They Use natural or Greek yogurt or alovera and honey to provide deep conditioning to their hair. Thus by using natural methods they make their hair to look more beautiful and natural.

It is to be said in China that hair and skin are the mirror of the health.

Chinese women take a very good care of their hair. The feel regular combing of your hair will help you to stop turning of your hair white. They feel you should comb your hair at least 120 times in a day. And you should give a soft massage to your hair with your fingers on a regular basis, this will help to grow your scalp. They prefer to wash their hair very frequently to stop hair damage from dust, and dirty environment. Chinese women feel that if you are happy from inside, your skin and you hair will automatically shine so they try to be pleasant every time. They give more attention to their diet by including fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk to their diet to make their hair healthier.

Philippines women known for their love to put flowers on their hair.

They use perfumes from the oils of certain flowers and plants, musk of the civet, ambergris, as well as coating their hair with sesame seed and coconut oils to groom their hair. They use rub aloe gel all over their hair to give it a glossy finish and protect their hair. Flowers they put on their hair will also help them to safe their hair from various environmental factors like sun, dust etc.

Mongolian women have kinky and curly hair.

These type of hair need a proper care like they need a proper deep conditioning, regular wash, oil massage etc. so Mongolian women give a good time to their hair. They prefer to use silicon free shampoo. Magnolia is known for its worldwide flowers and forms. Women use these flowers to make their hair style as well as use these flowers and gel from the plants of these flowers to protect natural beauty of your hair. Magnolia flowers, also known as White Champa, have calming and relaxing properties that are offset by a delicate floral aroma. Women use Oil of this flower and it increases the moisturizer of your hair and protect their hair from infections.

Malaysian women are prefer to keep long hair.

Most of the population of Malaysia is Muslim. So they talk very less about their hair care. They prefer to use natural herbs and natural products for their hair care. Even in salons also they prefer to take natural herbal therapies to deep conditioning and moisturizer of their hair.

Women’s love for their hair is well known to all among the world. Methods of care can be different in different nations but the ultimate idea behind this care is just to have healthy and shiny hair.

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